About Linda Di Silvestro

For more than a decade, I’ve patiently and joyfully served the good people of Bedford and surrounding areas, personally, publicly, and professionally. I’m a problem-solver and a people person by nature. This is why real estate and public office resonate with me as an individual. As an agent, it’s been my pleasure showing everyone, especially seniors, a personalized solution to buying, selling, and investing.

I enjoy showing everyone, from sellers, first-time buyers, downsizing empty nesters, a plan that helps them orchestrate a move that enhances their lives. Real Estate is a big challenge that everyone faces eventually. No matter what your age, income, or lifestyle, it’s a highly personal and time-consuming process. The stress of deciding where to go, when to buy, when to sell, and dealing with money and family can be overwhelming. This is why it thrills me to take the stress out of it.

Addressing concerns, fears, and doubts with accurate and detailed information about the buying and selling process provides clarity about what’s possible. Each person is unique and has the right to take as much time as they need to understand the options before them and before making such a big commitment. You’ll be pleased to know that my expertise and experience are not the only benefits I offer. My process for winning at each stage of the buying and selling process has been possible with the help of other professionals in my trusted network. I have home inspectors, contractors, landscapers, mortgage brokers, and title companies ready to help me show you facts that keep your success on track!